Mad moments

A long, odd day.

Today has been a long, odd day. While technically on leave, I seem to have spent the whole day working. I guess I shouldn't complain too much as my No.2 has only been onboard for two weeks and is probably a little out of his depth.

Simultaneously I've had to call in on dozens of farms and sports grounds to find alternative launch sites for the weekend. I was expecting every one I saw to think I was some random nutter, but they all seemed to think it wa perfectly normal. Pehaps it is something in the water this far north.

At least the hotel has a decent bar!

What's wrong with the weather?

Somethings is definitely up with the weather. It is November and I haven't yet had to turn the heating on at home and I'm sure I normally do that in October. It has been a bit wet and windy, but still very mild. Good news ono the gas bill front I guess.

For some reason it seems very much like a Friday. That can't be good as it means the rest of the week will drag. I think I'll try to be off site tomorrow to speed things along.

I've been doing some housekeeping on the various IM services, so some of you on here will have been added. Does anyone else have password panics? While doing it I couldn't remember half of them and all the secret questions, registration details, etc. to get reminders or reset them dind't help. I guess I must have set them up so long ago that I can't remember where I was living when I did.
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I'm looking for volunteers to finish a little job I've started. If you feel like playing with a chainsaw and cutting down some out of control conifers, please apply! I thought it would only take a couple of hours, but know I know why the estimate price from a contractor was so high.

Unexpectedly enjoyable weekend

I've spent the weekend doing flying things in and around Cheltenham. Much to my surprise it has been like these events used to be years ago - enjoyable. I guess that is down to knowing exactly what I'm being expected to do and when, rather than the usual chaos.

I was the 'Hare' this morning with the other balloons attempting to drop a marker as close as possible to my basket after I landed. This was supposed to be a little bit of fun, but one MORON was taking it far too seriously, to the extent that when he thought I was on short finals he decended into the side of me, knocking out about I'd guess 30% of my lift. Not funny, to the extent that I'm notifying the AAIB of a near miss. The most worrying think is that he seems totally oblivious to the potential serious consequences of his actions if I hadn't had my wits about me to recover.

A pic of me glowing, from earlier in the year but who cares. Yes, the fireworks were VERY close.

Glow and fireworks, Coventry, 2005


I give up.

Don't you just hate it when you can't wait to get your hands on a new 'toy' but nothing you do aids the process? I've done everything I can to speed it up but I've still got to wait until the end of the month. The worst bit is nobody can explain *why*. It is sitting there ready. I've paid for it in full. The paperwork is all done.

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Bulk update

I've done it again, or perhaps that should be I haven't done it. No entry for around two months.

So, what's been going on?

Works's been the S.O.S., with all the usual suspsects. I think I've convince the FD that perhaps it would be a good idea if the various departments got a clue about how things worked so that next time there looks like there needs to be a product recall they know what to do. For some insane reason everyone things that IT have know not only all the answers but the questions they need to be asking. Very odd.

On the flying side of things I've been off to all the usual venues and as usual spent most of the time sitting around doing nothing. If anyone tells you the weather patterns aren't changing they're lying. A few years ago we'd go off expecting to get around 70% of flights in unlike today when we're lucky to get 30%.
I may have finally lost it. I'm in the process of buying one of these:


When I start complaining about broken legs you'll know what's happened

Note how there is no basket on the bottom end. When I start complaining about broken legs you'll know what's happened. Any suggestions what colour scheme is should have?

Please listen to what I've already told you.

How many times do you have to tell someone you can't help them out immediately before they get the message? It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the same person calling over and over again about more and more things, when the activity that has me tied up is already their 'high priority' need.

I'll mention no names.

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HOW MUCH????!!!!!

I'm in shock. I'm having to have the lenses in my glasses changed. I also have to have, for regulatory reasons, a second pair and replace my original frames. The second pair are cheap and nasty.

F'ing £500. Thats around $875US or $1100CA. I'm clearly in the wrong job.
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So much for the promise to keep this up to date.

In brief, I'm back from the Toronto/New York/Toronto trip. I managed to get caught up in every flight out of NY being canceled due to weather conditions. Rather than do battle for standby tickets the next day I opted for the train. We won't talk about how much the extra night in a hotel cost as I'd probably end up crying.
Transatlantic flights are not good. Yes, I know the seats are small but Air Transat must have shrunk theirs in the wash. Upgrading for the return flight wasn't a luxury, it was a necessity.

Its been nice quiet back at work so far. I'm not sure anyone has realised I'm back.


Will someone please remind me just how much I have long flights next time I suggest going on one. 7h 27m in an aluminium tube is not my idea of fun. Add on three hours in the airport and a two hour delay and you have my idea of hell.

However, I'm here now and all is well.

Oh and NEVER listen to Kevin when it comes to directions. He'll give you those that go closest to him rather than the quickest or most direct! Grrrr.
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